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After conducting the first round of beta tests, it is clear we are on the right track. There is absolutely a need for attention to OSHA standards in the dental community. Unfortunately, this is an area of liability that has brought about little concern in the past and is now becoming more and more a hot item amongst the dental community as legislators seek to raise fines for non-compliance. There is on average, 5 defects at any given point in time in a dental practice. Of the beta tests completed thus far in our venture, this number doesn't even compare. We have found tremendous levels of liability that will bring substantial fines if not corrected. We are supporting these practices in correcting their existing deficiencies and implementing workable solutions to prevent them in the future. My question to you is.....if an OSHA inspector were to walk into your practice today.....are you compliant?


It is very well said that a practice makes a man perfect in the specific work he is doing. A man who practices his act every time and then finally he overcomes it with complete hold. We must never give up practice as it will one day benefit you some how at any place.

08/15/2017 12:43am

Conducting some research is definitely hard. You have to go some important processes before you can finally achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve. But as for your research, I can see that you are really hand in hand with it. I am quite sure that you will surely achieve your goal here. Please be advised that I will monitor the progress of this research. I want to know the result of this. Thank you!

09/20/2017 12:44am

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Copyright 2012. Assurance 360. Protecting Your Profits. Eliminating Your Liabilities. All Rights Reserved.