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The Obama Administration is working with OSHA to increase the number of inspections and the amount per fine for violations. These new enforcement initiatives for OSHA rules and regulations is an effort to recooperate from the current financial crisis. Is this the right move? Well it depends. Of the 2,400 state and federal inspectors and more than 8,000,000 small businesses that are regulated by OSHA, one might say they can't possibly cover them all. The result is insufficient accountability on behalf of small business owners to be OSHA compliant and therefore, less than adequate safety and health measures in their respective businesses. Small business owners will inevitably face additional costs, and these costs can be reduced or even eliminated with proper legal and environmental compliance support. Another might say that due to the increased number of inspections and larger fines, the demand for these services will increase substantially. Increased demand means employing additional resources, job creation, improved safety and health protocols in the workplace, and reduced costs for injury and illness which is estimated around $145 to $290 billion per year.  Small business owners will no longer be able to neglect proper safety and health measures. Fortunately, preventative resources are available to prevent the substantial costs associated with fines, in addition to the direct and indirect costs associated with injury and illness. So, is it the right move.....job creation, economic growth, increased accountability, a more safe and healthy workforce, and a means for financial recovery.....I think we finally got one right. Would you rather pay higher taxes and  fines for non-compliance or invest in making your practice a better place to work?  We can view this as a penatly for the mediocre financial controls of our government or as an opportunity to improve our businesses. We can pay for the government's mistakes or invest in our own economic prosperity. Which road are you taking?


Tammy Denham RDH
02/03/2013 1:00am

The fact that a business owner would neglect workplace safety, health concerns and not consider the environmental impact of their actions speaks volumes. It should be the bases of their business and implemented first. It's sad that employees and consumers have to depend on the government to look out for their best interest. It is
the business owners responsibility and they will be held accountable. It's time to get it right.

11/07/2016 12:10pm

I think we should invest in our economy prosperity. It is the best decision for us.

12/26/2016 11:46am

It is true that government is working for the civilians, but they work on those projects which are recommended for the nation.

03/05/2017 6:57am

I think that we must invest into ourselfes! This is much better!

04/04/2017 2:55pm

You should share some recent thoughts about our government here. I am interested about it.

04/17/2017 8:29am

I personally believe that Obama did great in serving our country. His projects truly lived up to the people's expectations. He was able to deliver an outstanding service towards his countrymen. In particular, I liked this law enforcement to increase the number of inspections and amount per fine for violations, in order to have more disciplined citizens. I think that it is great that you write stuff like this on your blog. I am hoping that you will continue to inform your readers.

06/03/2017 6:05am

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06/21/2017 3:20am

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