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Emergency Action Plans

The common approach to emergencies (i.e. fire, tornados, earthquakes, hazardous chemical spills, severe employee injuries, etc.) is essentially to leave all the major decisions to the leader and request direction and support in the resolution. Why? Because these occurenses are typically infrequent and therefore are not given the level of attention they deserve. The truth is that most small business owners do not have a predetermined plan of action and cannot effectively and efficiently direct and support subordinates. The result is astronomical costs associated with damage, injuries, loss in production, increased insurance premiums, the list goes on. It is imperative that business owners be responsible in their efforts to plan ahead and be prepared in the unlikely event of a significant environmental challenge. Being prepared will promote employee safety, reduce injuries and costs, and ensure all team members are equipped with the knowledge to take immediate action. Emergency action plans are required for practices employing 11 or more employees and should be a consideration of all dental practices. To support you in developing and implementing an Emergency Action Plan in your practice, we have listed the requirements below.

Methods of reporting emergencies
Procedures for accounting for all personnel during and/ or following an emergency
Procedures for operational shutdown
Protocols of communication (Chain of Command)
Evacuation procedures and paths of critical egress
First Aid Assignments
Procedures for personnel who facilitate the resolution

For further support and clarification of these items, please contact us to schedule your initial comprehensive assessment.



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