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A District of Columbia dental practice was recently cited for failing to cmply with OSHA standards. OSHA issued 26 serious violations, accumulating $61,000 in citations for the following concerns:
  • No written Exposure Control Plan
  • No written Hazard Communication Plan
  • Failing to ensure sufficient work practice controls to eliminate or minimize exposure
  • Failing to follow egress rules and regulations
  • Failing to provide HBV vaccinations within 10 days of employment
  • Failing to ensure use of proper Personal Protective Equipment
  • Exposure to electrical hazards
A serious violation is issued when there is probability that death or serious injury may occur. The practice has 15 days to correct the areas of non-compliance. All of the aforementioned concerns could have been easily prevented with the Assurance 360 app. Additionally, we support practices in correcting violations proposed by OSHA and guarantee our products and services services.


12/10/2014 10:17am

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07/19/2017 11:40am

It's a pretty serious violation indeed. I want to know more about this case.

08/20/2017 10:40pm

It seems like the District of Columbia failed to follow some general standards in terms of dental practices. As much as I don't want to say this, but they need to face their consequences. Seeing the large amount of money posted above makes me weak. They could have avoided paying that amount of money if they chose follow all these rules. I feel sorry for them.

08/22/2017 3:00am

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